Tyre Trailers

Tyre Trailers at Middlegate


Transport tyres in a safe and efficient way with Middlegate’s tyre trailers. Tyre trailers offer a certified safe load securing system for tyres that do not need cross-tensioning in the load compartment. Therefore, this allows for easier and faster handling.

Tyre trailers have a bespoke designed double-walled side curtain with five integrated, vertical light alloy profiles in each of the four side pillar loading sections. Two high-strength cables are also mounted on each side of the whole trailer length.

Complicated cross-bracing design is no longer required in the cargo area. Therefore, the multi tyre concept is certified in accordance with DIN EN 12642, Daimler 9.5 and VDI 2700 drinks.

Middlegate Europe’s fleet delivers a high-quality service throughout the UK and Europe providing an intelligent solution which significantly simplifies tyre transport.

If this does not suit your needs, take a look at our Mega Trailers or Double Deck Trailers.

  • Safe and efficient tyre transport
  • Conform to European loading certification
  • Speciality developed by Krone for tyre shipping
  • Provide stability and containment for safe shipping

BRC Global Standards for Storage & Distribution

Recognising the need for improved processes in Supply Chain Solutions means we are now working towards attaining the British Retail Consortium’s internationally recognised Global Standard for Storage and Distribution.  The Standard is designed to ensure best practice in handling storage and distribution of products and promotes continuous improvement in operating practices.