Supply Chain Solutions

3PL Service Provider

As a 3PL logistics partner, we can help you drive down costs and streamline your supply-chain management. We are a full-service provider, meaning we are able to handle all aspects of supply-chain management.

We have three different locations, Zeebrugge, Bierset and Hull. The geographical areas of our warehouses are carefully chosen so we can offer you the best possible service and price.

Our warehouse locations are key as they enable us to offer our unique warehouse service, which means lowering customer transportation and warehousing costs. For example, we can deliver from both our warehouses to London within eight hours. The port connections also have a very important role to play in your cost calculations.

Due to the many connections Zeebrugge has, you can ship from Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden or Denmark direct to Zeebrugge and then make the onward connection to the UK and Ireland. The many train connections from Zeebrugge connect France, Italy, Germany and Turkey with Zeebrugge and Hull. Bierset is very central in Europe and ideally placed for distribution and warehousing.

We work closely with customers and use our advanced technology to analyse resource management, storage and distribution processes, EDI connectivity, tracking and security of your loads.

  • Warehouse management system
  • Order picking
  • Inbound and outbound
  • Bar-coding, re-packaging, labelling and quality control
  • Carrier performance
  • Cross-docking Load building value-added services
  • Temperature controlled heated warehousing
  • Customs Compliance
  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Consolidation/Fulfilment
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Solar Installations
  • Best-in-class WMS
  • AIB Accredited
  • AEO Status (Zeebrugge/Liège)

BRC Global Standards for Storage & Distribution

Recognising the need for improved processes in Supply Chain Solutions means we are now working towards attaining the British Retail Consortium’s internationally recognised Global Standard for Storage and Distribution.  The Standard is designed to ensure best practice in handling storage and distribution of products and promotes continuous improvement in operating practices.