Double Deck Trailers

Save Money With Double Deck Trailers

Double Deck trailers have two levels, to maximise trailer payload capacities. This makes them the perfect solution for efficient transportation of goods. Additionally, this comes in handy especially for non-stackables. A double deck trailer will allow you to load more cargo and reduce your transport costs by up to 30%. Furthermore, It also reduces your carbon footprint, by lowering CO2 emission by 50%.

Middlegate Europe’s fleet of double decker trailers deliver a high-quality service throughout the UK and Europe.

We are proud that Middlegate Europe’s unique licences mean we are the only transportation company that can operate double deck trailers in Zeebrugge, Belgium. Therefore, this means we can transport your goods straight from the port to our European warehouse, without restrictions.

To ensure quick and responsive despatch of goods, we use the latest technology and state-of-the-art systems. As a result of this, our wireless scanning technology connects directly with our warehouse management system to deliver a flawless service to our customers.

Double trailers not fitting what you’re looking for? Take a look at our Mega Trailers.

  • Huge savings on distribution costs
  • Reduced cost per unit shipped
  • Reduced number of trucks required
  • Savings on ferry cost
  • Savings on fuel
  • Effective groupage solution
  • More effective use of trailer space
  • Solutions for non-stackable goods

BRC Global Standards for Storage & Distribution

Recognising the need for improved processes in Supply Chain Solutions means we are now working towards attaining the British Retail Consortium’s internationally recognised Global Standard for Storage and Distribution.  The Standard is designed to ensure best practice in handling storage and distribution of products and promotes continuous improvement in operating practices.


  • Suitable for non-stackable goods, double decker trailers allow you to double the amount of non-stackable goods you normally transport
  • Transport 86 instead of 66 europallets
  • Optimise your logistics by storing in Zeebruges or Hull
  • Interchangeable deck
  • Side load and rear load

Save money with double deck trailers 

Effective warehouse storage across Europe

Having fast access to the right warehousing in the right location is critical to your supply chain. Having storage options in both the UK and mainland Europe, close to major ports, means greater flexibility in reaching customers or other distribution centres.

At the same time, you want to save money on transportation – it’s no good having lots of small trips, as you’ll end up spending more money, increasing the cost per shipment, as well as having a greater impact on the environment.

Double deck trailers

That’s where double deck trailers come in. Double the decks means double the cargo capacity – double deck trailers maximise trailer payload capacities, making them the perfect solution for the transportation of all types of goods, particularly non-stackables.

By increasing the amount of cargo you can load, you can reduce your transportation costs by up to 30%, as well as lowering COemissions by 50%, significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Transportation and groupage

Don’t have full loads? Groupage means you can consolidate multiple smaller shipments to fill a trailer. However, it doesn’t always work as neatly as that, and you may be left with trailers that aren’t completely utilised.

Double deck trailers are ideal for groupage, allowing you to consolidate more part-shipments into larger loads, meaning your transportation is being used as efficiently as possible.

Middlegate Europe: your double deck trailer solution

At Middlegate Europe we have extensive experience in maximising cargo loads, which is why we have a fleet of double deck trailers ready for use.

We are the only transportation company with a license to operate double deck trailers in Zeebrugge, one of Belgium’s leading ports. That means we can offer an efficient transportation service that reduces your costs and carbon footprint, while still giving you access and links to warehousing in both the UK and mainland Europe.

But it’s not just about providing extra transportation capacity – our double deck trailers are connected with our warehousing in Hull and Zeebrugge to ensure that you know exactly where your cargo is at any given moment.

So, no matter what the size of your shipment, whether it’s groupage or enough to fill two trailers, Middlegate Europe’s double deck trailers are the ideal solution for your transportation needs.

For further information, get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)
Overall height
Overall width
Aperture height (door)
Aperture width (door)
Chassis length over sills
Internal length
Sider Aperture length