Groupage Service

How Groupage can answer your transportation costs


What is groupage?

Groupage is the process of grouping together shipments which don’t fill a full trailer. Groupage allows the haulier to maximise transportation, whilst ensuring the customer only pays for the part of the trailer they’re filling.


Benefits of groupage

Groupage is an alternative way of organising transport if you are short of warehouse space and need JIT deliveries. Therefore, you do not need to store goods longer than you need to. Instead of ordering full trucks loads you order what you need, when you need it.

At Middlegate we will group the goods for you from your suppliers into our warehouse and deliver them when needed. You only need to ring one company, easier to manage your goods coming in and we will store the goods for you in Zeebrugge until you need them.

It also means they can access more sophisticated trailers, such as double deck or mega trailers. These come with technology that connects to warehousing to provide greater visibility of cargo journeys, without bearing the full cost.

Plus, where multiple suppliers have the same end customer, using groupage means a single haulier point of contact. Therefore, simplifying communication and allowing for better planning and forecasting of cargo arrivals into distribution centres.


Why Middlegate Europe is your best choice for groupage

At Middlegate Europe we use groupage to deliver efficiencies directly to the customer. By grouping different customers with the same destination and transportation requirements, we can keep our own costs low, which we pass directly on to customers.

With different lead times and price levels to suit your requirements, our service gives you the flexibility to plan your supply chain across the UK and Europe by combining it with our warehousing solutions in Hull and Zeebrugge.

Many transport companies now offer Europe-wide groupage services. Therefore, you need make sure you choose a company that goes beyond simply offering a cheap price.

Working with Middlegate Europe means you get a service tailored to your needs, that thinks about how it impacts the most important part of your business – your own customers.

For further information, get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

For customers benefitting from our Store, Group, Distribute business model (Zeebrugge and Hull hubs), we are now able to offer two levels of service, Groupage24 and Groupage48. Ensure the lowest cost by grouping your consignments and then choosing the level of service that you require.