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Supply Chain Solutions

Delivering a bespoke service to help streamline your supply-chain, eliminate waste, lower costs both in the short- and long-term, and respond quickly to your production or operational requirements. We offer a FREE initial consultation to help identify potential areas for improvement. Our long-term customers are all testament to our dedication to providing a customer driven solution.


A cost-effective service for customers who are looking to import/export within our core area, but where time is not always a critical factor. Daily shipments BE-UK and regular weekly services UK-EU, we consolidate loads to not only save you money, but also to reduce the impact on the environment by optimising route planning. To help reduce your storage concerns we are able to offer short-term storage too.


Clean, modern and secure warehousing at our three primary locations. Our bespoke ERP/WMS systems, scanning technology and professional operatives who take care of your products have helped build our reputation as a leading provider. AIB standard means food grade storage across our sites.


Using one provider for your storage and distribution makes good economic sense. Minimise on-site storage. Increase production potential. Know your goods are stored securely. Call off raw materials or (part-)finished products for delivery straight to your customers. 20 new double deck trailers for UK distribution means you and the environment save even more!


On Time Loading and On Time Delivery KPI rates over 98% are what you can expect from Middlegate Europe. And we deliver on our promises:A modern fleet; regular maintenance (including partnership with trailer specialists); professional drivers (CPC); and, GPS satellite tracking, geofencing and security alerts via SMS to our team, are all designed to put your mind at ease and are part of what you should expect from us.

Temperature Controlled New

In response to our customers we have introduced ambient, temperature controlled storage and distribution to our range of professional services - ensuring goods never drop below 15°C anywhere along the supply chain. Partnering with carefully selected specialist carriers ensures goods arrive in pristine condition, whether that is for the food or life sciences and healthcare sectors.

Serving Industry For 25 Years

We like to think we do things differently. By focussing on what our customers actually need
we are able to provide innovative solutions to leading Blue Chip customers and well-known brands.

Middlegate Fact # 1

When Middlegate NV first opened in 1989, Charlie and Rosa had just 20.000€ and a telephone. The business now turns over in excess of 30.000.000€ per annum and has over 100 phones.