About Middlegate

Middlegate Europe is a modern, dynamic logistics company, with impressive eco - credentials, offering our clients a wide range of services with a personal touch.

We are a family run business established in 1989, now a European market leader in transport and logistics. With offices in Zeebrugge, Kingston upon Hull and Liège offering extensive warehousing and distribution facilities, serving all European destinations with daily short sea connections along with a number of deep sea services.


Kim Notman CEO during his key speech.

The Middlegate team work continuously at engaging with our customers to continually improve our service offering. We firmly believe that providing a high quality and reliable service to all customers is fundamental to the Middlegate ethos, whilst at the same time adding value by helping to streamline and improve the movement, storage and handling of goods.

  • Over €13m invested so far
  • Driven by our customers needs
  • Significant investment funds set aside for future growth
  • Carefully selected network of partners that support operations

G ood business is built by people that are inspired to go the extra mile, we can make it happen, building your own future starts every day when you wake up.

CEO and Owner, Kim Notman

On-Time Delivery 98%

Fuel Efficient Driving 88%

On-Time Loading 99%

NPS (Nett Promoter Score) 70%

About our company

Middlegate Europe is committed to providing excellent service with flexibility, speed and quality assured.

Company life

When asked what's it like working at Middlegate you'd be surprised at how positive our employees are. Established as and still a family run business, we like to take care of our people. We fully support an active and diverse range of events that benefit the whole community in which we operate. We provide modern, healthy workspaces so that our employees can concentrate on what's most important - our customers.

Modern offices provide a healthier and more pleasant environment.

Team building exercises provide opportunities to develop long-lasting friendships.

As a responsible employer we provide all PPE and staff uniforms.

We fully support our staff with their charity events and fund-raisers.

Modern, purpose-built facilities make it easier to serve our customers.

Trained staff are more productive. We promote their professional development.

Our staff are invited to take part in team events such as the Brugge Triathlon.

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Our IT team ensure our systems are fully operational thereby reducing lost packages.

Company History