Save Money With Double Deck Trailers

Double Deck trailers have two levels, to maximise trailer payload capacities. This makes them the perfect solution for efficient transportation of goods, especially for non-stackables. A double deck trailer will allow you to load more cargo and reduce your transport costs by up to 30%. It also allows you to reduce the carbon footprint, by lowering CO2 emission by 50%.

Middlegate Europe’s fleet of double deck trailers deliver a high-quality service throughout the UK and Europe.

We are proud that Middlegate Europe’s unique licences mean we are the only transportation company that can operate double deck trailers in Zeebrugge, Belgium. This means we can transport your goods straight from the port to our European warehouse, without restrictions.

To ensure quick and responsive despatch of goods, we use the latest technology and state-of-the-art systems. Our wireless scanning technology connects directly with our warehouse management system to deliver a flawless service to our customers.

  • doneHuge savings on distribution costs
  • doneReduced cost per unit shipped
  • doneReduced number of trucks required
  • doneSavings on ferry cost
  • doneSavings on fuel
  • doneEffective groupage solution
  • doneMore effective use of trailer space
  • doneSolutions for non-stackable goods
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BRC Global Standards for Storage & Distribution

Recognising the need for improved processes in Supply Chain Solutions means we are now working towards attaining the British Retail Consortium's internationally recognised Global Standard for Storage and Distribution.  The Standard is designed to ensure best practice in handling storage and distribution of products and promotes continuous improvement in operating practices.


  • Suitable for non-stackable goods, double decker trailers allow you to double the amount of non-stackable goods you normally transport
  • Transport 86 instead of 66 europallets
  • Optimise your logistics by storing in Zeebruges or Hull
  • Interchangeable deck
  • Side load and rear load
Dimensions (in MM.)
Overall Height 4.650
Overall Width 2.550
Aperture height (door) 3.540
Aperture width (door) 2.412
Chassis length over sills 13.520
Internal length 13.495
Sider Aperture length 13.395
Couplet 1.150
Neck 200
Wheelbase 8.080