Driving forward to a greener and safer future

Middlegate Europe leading the way!

As a family run business we understand how important it is to be proactive in safeguarding our childrens' future.

We were the first logistics company in Belgium to operate vehicles that use a certified gas and diesel mix and are always looking at improvements to minimising our impact on the environment.

Our commitment to communities includes improving conditions for local residents and consdering their concerns over noise and light pollution, and providing financial support to local sports teams from junior level up to senior.

  • Solar Installations
  • Cycle To Work Schemes
  • High volume trailers

Social Policy

Understanding the needs of the communities where we operate.

Environmental Policy

Proactively seeking ways of reducing our impact on the environment.

Charitable Work

Supporting worthwhile causes that benefit many.

Social Responsibility

Here at Middlegate Europe we understand how what we do has a direct influence on local communities. We have worked closely with local residents to accommodate their requests and have taken steps to ensure that any work we undertake outside of acceptable 'sociable' times are kept to an absolute minimum.


Where residents have had genuine concerns we have taken appropriate action:

  • Tree and bush planting schemes have helped to dramatically reduce noise and light pollution
  • Our drivers are under instruction to minimise noise when setting off early at the beginning of their working week
  • Residents are shielded from direct light from our security lighting
  • Financial contribution to a childrens' play area
  • Sponsorship of community and regional sports teams


Environmental Policy

It is accepted knowledge that the transport sector in Europe alone contributes to 58% of all harmful emissions (NOx) and 30% of all CO air pollutants [source www.eea.europa.eu ]


As consumers demand an increasingly diverse range of goods and services from around the globe, getting those goods to the consumer now requires that all items bought have travelled an average of 1000km. The challenge we are facing in the transport sector to is to innovate and to find ways of reducing the impact of our part of the supply chain.


Here at Middlegate we are committed to reducing carbon emissions and minimising our impact on the natural environment. We achieve this by:

  • All long-distance vehicles are Euro5/Euro6 compliant
  • All sites have solar arrays with a total capacity close to 1MW
  • New builds, such as those in Kingston upon Hull, are BREEAM rated
  • Route planning is optimised to minimise urban driving
  • Load lengths increased through the use of double deck trailers
  • Mega trailers able to carry up to 20% more volume than standard Euroliner trailers
  • Vehicles maintained regularly to ensure smooth and reliable operation
  • Recycling and use of recycled stationery whenever possible
  • Electric fork trucks charged by our own solar installations
  • Cycling actively encouraged and cycle to work scheme



Supporting Worthwhile Causes

Each year we choose a charitable and local organisations to support, and encourage and support staff who are undertaking challenges in aid of charities. So far we have supported the following good causes:

  • KinderKankerfonds children's cancer charity in Belgium
  • Ice Bucket Challenge for Moto Neuron Disease
  • Brugge Scouts (Youth Club)
  • Patersdeef musical festival
  • Muco.be Charity who work hard researching the causes of Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

Following the untimely death in 2014 of Charlie Notman, additional donations were made to other cancer charities in Belgium and the UK.

Our staff have also helped to raise funds for:

  • Blind Veterans UK
  • Help for Heroes
  • Macmillan Cancer Research
  • Dove House Hospice
  • Children In Need